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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Harry, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. Harry


    If I use my hotkey for "Price up" the increment is 0.1 cent - how can I go back to 1 cent ... ?

    Thank you,
  2. Sanjuro


    That was a stupid change by IB.

    Now Price up and Price down increment by .001
    (Yes, 1/10 of a penny)
    And Big Price up and Big Price down by .004
    (Yes, 4/10 of a penny)

    This makes the hotkeys completely useless for fast entry.
    I need to hit price up and down multiple times just to
    change a few pennys.

    Please change it back!
  3. Harry


    Thank you !!!

    I just thought I was to stupid to handle this issue ;)

  4. fleance


    I just ran into the same problem also after downloading the latest build 772.4.

    You can use Big Price Up, Big Price Down hotkeys which move in 0.4 cents instead of 0.1 cents inrecements which is a little better.

    But IB needs to restore the old behavior. On most stocks, people don't want 0.1 cents increments. IB should allow us to specify the increment for Price Up/Down and Big Price Up/Down.

    If you haven't installed 772.4, I recommend don't do it until they sort this out.

    Here is a thread started on IB's message board.

  5. Eldredge


    I haven't installed the new version, but my price increase hotkeys aren't working correctly this morning. I just realized that the increments have changed to .1 and .4. This stinks!! I am using Build 765.4 :mad:
  6. I can't even use IB's much touted and beloved "SMART" routing due to the new hot key price changes. However, trades sent directly to NYSE sill work with .01 increments so, for my trading (listed only) the change isn't as critical as for your Naz traders...

    Sure wish they would fix this...soon...as I normally send about 50% of my business to the "SMART" routing!

    Jim B.
  7. Eldredge


    I called IB, they are supposed to have a fix out today. Actually, it should be out by now according to what they said, but I haven't checked for an updated download yet.
  8. Eldredge


    I just downloaded Build 772.6 (I hope it doesn't have any bugs), and the price hot keys are back to normal. The bid or ask price you enter is displayed to the third decimal, but the hot keys change in 1 cent and 4 cent increments just like before. Maybe there is a way to select 1 cent or .1 cent, I don't know. I really wish 1 cent was the minimum increment all the way around at all the ecn's etc. Oh well, at least TWS is back to normal.