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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Swipe, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. Swipe


    do i always have to press the transmit key on the tws to send orders ? cant i just press the buy or sell key?
  2. nope gotta transmit, safety issue.
  3. paradox


    Go to configure hotkey, then select customize tab. Check box 'transmit order instaneously'. Done.

  4. huh, never knew that, I guess i like the transmit button ;)
  5. corvus


    I'm with you...I like giving things one more quick glance. :p
  6. Momento


    BUT -- I strongly suggest you not to choose that option, i have seen instances where you can get pending orders, or out of the market fills, etc...

    What i do is set "BACKSPACE" as my "transmit order" so that would only be one fast hit away to confirm my order, and i can do a last quick scan before putting my order thru.
  7. nitro


  8. The instant transmit thing is a new feature.

    I would not use it.
  9. corvus


    I've got shift-s and shift-b linked to a straight buy and sell limit at bid/ask, no auto-stop. shift-c is for cancel, and shift-enter is for transmit. shift-up and shift-down change the limit price. ctrl-shift-s and ctrl-shift-b have auto-stops on them.

    shift-enter for transmit seems really logical and fast to me. But this arrangement in general has been super fast for me...