IB has "Only" $118M in Cust Segregated Assets

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    This question has been asked here already and answered.

    I suggest you do a search, user "def" supplied the answer.


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  3. Sir Kuerbs, def has over 3000 posts, there is no way I can qucikly ferret out the post you refer to . If you are aware of the explanation he previously gave, please share it.
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    Cash moves into the securities half of the universal account every evening to benefit from insurance even if you only day trade futures in your account. The 118 million is probably the overnight position trades that stay in the futures side.
  5. Least we know they are not spending it on fixing their software.

  6. Even if that is the case and you assume an average 20% margin-to-equity ratio, then they have cust assets of about $600M - still very small compared to the $5-6B held by Man, Calyon, Fimat & REFCO (pre- bennett fiasco)
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    They have customer liabilities in excess of $2,000,000,000. The amount from the accounts plus the accounts they have attracted since the refco fiasco. Maybe they have more stock traders than futures traders.
  8. You guys are forgetting that IB sweeps all available cash into equity account, that might explain it.
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