IB has MAJOR problems with OpenBook recently

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nitro, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. nitro


    I am having problems with IB's OpenBook the last two days. Anyone else having problems?

    nitro :mad:
  2. I've seen some of my GTC orders on NYSE go blue at night (as usual) but not get revived in the morning. Also some hanging cancellations in pink state.
  3. nitro


    Just spoke to IB - apparently, this is _NOW_ a known issue and supposedly we get a fix tonight.


    nitro :)
  4. nitro



    Same problems today.


    nitro :(
  5. nitro


    Well, no fix as of yet :mad:

    Strange thing is, today the problem was not as bad as on other days.

    nitro :confused:
  6. MR.NBBO


    I've had massive openbook failure for months through IB. It'll quote only the top or will give a "swiss cheese" look at openbook...only about 20-70% of the total book shows up.

    It seems to be less of a problem with the more liquid NYSE stocks (or not as readily apparent). All the illiquid quotes for me have been a mess since the beginning of the year. I can't figure out why some work.....and others don't. NYSE or IB problem???????
  7. nitro


    no fix yet.

    nitro :(
  8. MR.NBBO


    Just signed up for esignal last night.....openbook works perfect there.....but still major openbook problems with IB again today.
  9. nitro



    How many OpenBooks can you have open at one time with eSignal? With IB, I can only have three :(

  10. range


    My experience with IB's OpenBook is that it periodically reverts to best bid/best offer only. It has been better this week than it was last week. Being limited to three securities at a time is an issue.
    #10     May 15, 2003