IB has gone to hell

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by newestmember, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. IB has seriously gone to hell this last month. TWS goes down several times everyday. It's as bad as when I pulled my money out of E*Trash 5 years ago. I've been with IB ever since.

    I'm going to give another week or so to resolve the problem, then I'm going elsewhere (since I won't be trading during XMAS week I can move my money).....
  2. Another 10 minutes of downtime... that sucks BIG TIME!
  3. Vaquero


    Where will you go....TrackTrade...TradeStation...?
  4. Come up for 1 minute then down again, now up again....what total garbage......
  5. How could anyone trade a 1000 shares on this piece of shit.
  6. DTK


    Good. For a second I thought that both my cable and DSL redundancy had failed me and was going to swich to dial up....

    Thank goodness for stops. :)

  7. DTK


    Type 1000 into the 'Quantity' field and click on buy or sell...
    It's pretty easy. I've done it quite a few times this morning.

    Good thing I went to colluge. :p

  8. saxon


    Well that's one way to quell a rally...pull the plug.

    The deep-pocketed ghost stikes again.
  9. dhandy


    I had an account with them back in day...... Glad I cancelled then!:p
  10. no probs here...i'm takin' your $$$ as usual...

    it's prob your connection quality...
    #10     Dec 3, 2003
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