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  1. I recall some time ago mention of a hardware key available for accounts over a certain size. Did IB ever implement this? Anyone have any info on it?

  2. you mean as a security device? i have one. its been in use over a year now. it looks like a little calculator. you type in your code and it returns a number.
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    I think it is for all accounts. You have to enter the response from a challenge on the device.
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  5. i have one for each of my accounts but sometimes to see things its apain in the ass but i guess it protects one
  6. Thanks, that's what I'm looking for!
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    I use my IB key all the time. Yeah it's kind of a pain sometimes. You have to use it even if you are just checking transaction status and not transferring money.

    Mine was free, but I think it costs $150 for smaller accounts. Worth it tho. Too many times we have seen people's money dissapear. Even if you screwed up and fell for a phish attack and the bad guyz got your ID, password and email, they couldn't withdraw any money.

    Unless they came over from Russia, broke into your house and stole your key and PIN. But then they better watch out for Smith & Wesson!
  8. How they gonna steal your pin, unless they torture it out of you?
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    They're ruthless, those Russians...

    But I'd let Anna beat it out of me!!! :D