IB going pink late today 6-29-07

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by myminitrading, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Anyone have similar issues late this afternoon, I got bumped off right before the big drop this afternoon, all other application kept running IB logged me off, and would not reconnect.

    Cost me some $$$
  2. Ok what the hell is going on now, after the cash close.
  3. I guess im the only one with issues this afternoon
  4. dhpar


    I thought that you meant that IB is going on pink sheet today - lol:D
  5. wild quotes but nothing wrong with IB here (US South)
  6. Did you get disconnected any today?
  7. No disconects that I noticed, certainly not the last 2 hours that I watched closely. 99% of my disconnects are cable related.
  8. Thats is im getting a dedicated line.
  9. Lucrum


    I lost quotes for a few seconds late this afternoon but it came right back.
  10. Yes mine came back in about 4 minutes, but thats all it took for this drop.
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