IB Globex stops

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  1. It is my understanding that they are currently in use.
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  2. well, thats what the helpdesk just mailed me.

    "Dear Trader,

    Thank you for the e-mail.

    Currently, stop and stop-limit orders are not natively accepted on Globex.
    There is no timetable as to when they will be accepted. If you have any further
    questions, feel free to contact us.

    Regards "
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  3. just21


    Communiqué- June 7, 2002

    Native GTC Orders Are Now Available on Globex
    GTC orders for Globex will now be placed directly into the Globex system. Please read our Products & Exchanges page for information on when Globex may cancel these orders and for a description of order types available on other exchanges
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  5. def,

    do you know why native globex stop limits seemed to have been moved to the back of the programming queue ?

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