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  1. I had a stop on the NQ futures and it was not activated, even though the contract traded
    many times at the appropriate levels. After I noticed this and manually sold out many
    points lower, I called IB and after some investigation they said that the stop was in their
    system but not receiving any quote data. They said that this will occasionally happen.
    Besides the fact that it cost me extra money, this scares the shit out of me. I know IB
    has had problems with Naz stops, but not with Globex stops. Now I am scared to set a
    stop and walk away. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    what does this mean exactly (not receiving quote data)? I wonder if this is the same problem that is causing stop problems with equities.

    Def, could you please explain this. Thanks
  3. To further clarify, I was told that the stop was in IBs system. Normally it receives quotes to compare its stop price with curent market price. When the stop price is hit, the IB computers send it for execution. The IB person (I think it was Matt, but not 100% sure) said that no quote data was reaching the stop, and thus there was nothing to set it off. It was in their computer, but would never be set off. I am not happy. Beside losing many extra points, I am worried this will happen again when I am really away, and it could cost 100 points. Def - what can be done about this.
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    how about this:

    For every dollar a trader lost due to crappy stops, the IB programmer has to compensate out of his salary.

    Now that will get the issue resolved in no time !

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    If life were only that simple. ...

    I understand that there are difficiencies in the Globex software version that allows stops to reside on their system. Until they are resolved IB will maintain stops on their server (i believe there is a dialog between globex and IB on this). The tradeoff i think is one regarding reliabilty and reliability wins.

    As for the missing ticks, I assume it is a not so frequent occurance but if a phone line goes down, a computer crashes, etc. Ticks will be missed until the backups kick in. Given the overall positive feedback on Globex stops, I do not think this is a serious situation.
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    The spreads on Globex can be very wide particularly in the wee small hours of the AM. Also this if when they are doing their "tweaking" it sounds as you were "twooked":cool:
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    hehe, I was just kidding by mentioning programmer's salary.

    My experience is that the Globex stops have been extremely reliable.
  8. Why can't I use the hotkeys to enter a stop and set the stop level ? I would like to prepare my stop before my order to enter a position is sent, the use of hotkeys for both would speed up things. Same for trailing the stop once in a position, by the time I clicked and scrolled up or down, NQ can move 2 points! If you read this Def, thanks for passing on this suggestion. Now even better: what would be great is the ability to set a predetermined stop that is entered automatically once an initial order is entered. e.g. each time my buy order is executed TWS would send a stoploss 3 points lower and I can still modify it as soon as it shows on the screen. I realize this must be difficult to implement technically but it would be very helpful.
  9. i would be happy if ib can make a hot key for stop orders.
    in my trading i don't want to touch the mouse or use F2 to modify.

    by the why where can i send suggestions about this? and if other trader want an hot key for stop orders please send a suggestions too


  10. have the globex deficiencies been fixed yet def? And if so is IB planning to move to stops held @globex vs @IB

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