IB Globex order hung up

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ktm, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. ktm


    I have an order hung up on Globex and can't reach IB. Chat isn't working (at 6:45am EDT), the "new ticket" function won't load the web page and I can't reach Europe or HK via cell phone. I guess VZ wireless doesn't like the numbers as displayed on the IB web page. So I'm stuck with a nervous market and now two orders - one salmon and one light blue and no one to talk to until at least 9am. Is anyone else trading Globex futures opts this morning on IB?
  2. Did you call Globex? 312-456-2391
  3. moonmist


    Just canceled, and then submitted a limit order to sell some ES Nov 2008 Options via TWS. No problem here.
  4. ktm



    Can I call Globex directly?

    The orders flushed through about 30 minutes ago...new orders seem to be working fine, although it's still a bit frustrating not to be able to reach IB.
  5. Yes, if the order is on the exchange they can delete it.
  6. ktm


    Thanks Bondtrader...I'll store that number and use it next time this happens.