IB & Globex bust: Wrong avg. prices reported?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by makloda, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. My ES short was reversed to long in the night's spike. In the AM subsequently the trade was busted and my short position was reestablished. My average short price was ~1425.

    Now 60 minutes ago or so, the average price was adjusted down to ~1399 and I show a loss on the position with ES trading at 1412 :confused:

    In the trade overview it shows no trades for ES for the current day now (thanks to the busting). I wonder how I could be assigned a lower price though? Any insight into this? I guess I will have to check the execution reports carefully tomorrow.

    Oh, I am using Interactive Brokers.
  2. There was a bulleting about Globex investigating some "weird" options activity on their Index Futures overnight between 1 am and 105 am i think. Something about alot of cancelled trades, thats the only thing ive seen today.
  3. My buy stop was (rightfully) busted as it was executed above the bust level of 1422. After the bust, my short position was back on with the same average price that it had on Friday.

    Then, in the afternoon around lunch time, the average price of the short position suddenly was adjusted downwards 25 ES points :confused:
  4. "Order Swap"..:mad: ..using your account now to clean up someones mess in their account..:eek:
  5. Talked to IB. They said the avg. prices are possibly reportly 'wrong' so we should disregard them today and 'check back tomorrow' (after their nightly server reboot). Will see tomorrow then.

    Run from IB as fast as you can (of course after you figure out were you stand and have flattened your unknown position :confused: ). :D
  7. Nah I won't run from IB. They're too good as a broker especially with the breadth of products they offer. There's no competition in my account size other than big boy prime brokerage which I am too small for most likely.

    I'll report back with how this (hopefully) resolved tomorrow.
  8. Yes..let us know how they resolve everything..hopefully it will all get rectified tonight when IB does their overnight switch over.
  9. I just downloaded yesterday's activity statement Excel and the avg. price reported there is CORRECT. Whew.

    In TWS, it now displays an avg. price of 1418 which is 'better' than the price displayed yesterday but still wrong. I guess I will just disregard it, the backend calculating the Excel got it right.