IB, Globex and Limit / Stop Orders

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  1. chisel, it's probably a good idea to use standard terminology. that way everyone is talking about the same thing.

    a "buy limit trigger" at 810? sounds to me that's just a " buy limit for 810". i don't see a "stop order" anywhere.

    if you put in a buy limit @ 810, of course you could get filled below it, @ 809.75 for example.

    a buy stop-limit order, stopped in @ 810 with a limit of 809.75? why would you want that? you want to be triggered to buy @ 810 but don't want to be filled any higher than 809.75? weird.
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  2. globex only executes limit orders.

    as far as globex is concerned, a mkt buy at 825.50 is a buy at 829.50 limit.

    A sell stop at 810.25 becomes a limit order when 810.25 trades as sell 806.25 limit.

    all orders are converted to limits, both mkt and stop
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  3. chisel



    Thanks for correcting me. What I'm saying is that a buy-stop TRIGGER at 810 with a limit to buy at 809.75 worked in the past when the Globex stops were not native.

    I think there is enough noise in the minis that this type of order works overall. Of course I'm watching it very closely and I didn't use this type of order all the time.
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