IB, Globex and Limit / Stop Orders

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  1. Great advice! Thanks.
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  2. No. Globex only accepts STP LMT orders.

    Thanks a lot. :D
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    is this what you're looking for:
    Bundled trailing stop orders
    TWS now allows you to use bundled trailing stop orders. To create a bundled trailing stop, create a limit order, then right-click on the limit order and select "Attach Trailing Stop" from the popup menu. The bundled trailing stop order will become active when the associated limit order is filled.

    native stops
    so stops are native - good, every now and then the help desk gets the info before me :D

    BTW, the beta i've been talking about is version 777 which looks like it was just moved to the browser version.
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  4. ddefina


    Here's some info from the most recent IB bulletin:

    New Order Types
    Traders may now use Custom Stop Orders to specify how stop orders are triggered. Triggers may be specified for a single last price, two last prices, or two bid/ask prices. To change a trigger method, right click on an order management line and select "Trigger Method". IB will continue to default to the current stop order trigger method if a change is not specified.

    Native exchange held stop limit orders are now available for Globex. Simulated stop orders will no longer be available.

    Auto trailing stop orders, which allow you to enter a limit order, with an automatic trailing stop order attached, are now available with TWS. In addition, standard trailing stop orders are now available within the IB API...."
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  5. chisel


    That worked in the past, but I can't get the IB TWS to take that type of order anymore. It says it's an invalid order. E.g., the buy stop trigger is 810 but my limit is 809.75.

    Does this work for anyone else?
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  6. Quah


    It would be the other way around - if you were short, and wanted out at 810 (with a market order), you'd do a BUY STOP 810 LIMIT 815 or something ABOVE 810, not below it.
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  7. I assume this is not the auto stop feature that has been much discussed on IB boards? THat feature involved regular mkt/limit stops and not trailing stops.
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  8. chisel


    A buy limit trigger at 810 with a limit order to buy at 809.50 worked before on Globex....it still does on A/C/E. Try it.

    Does this type of order work for anyone else on Globex or did this change since Globex orders went native?
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    The communique that went out had an error. Simulated stop limit orders for globex will no longer be available since they are now native on globex. thus only orders that globex accepts can be delivered. However, simulated stops (as they are market orders) are still available.

    If you are still looking for additional order types like the bundled stop, the ib discussion board is a good place to target. You can also PM me and I'll pass the suggestion along.
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    Thanks Def.
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