IB Gateway US FUTURE market data farm remains OFF (yellow light) after reconnection

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  1. For me, it used to be like you describe several versions ago of the Gateway. No data farm problems [but only a blocking re-login prompt, that after a lot of insistence (even here on ET, as you can see from old posts) they finally removed.]

    Probably they re-introduced issues in more recent versions, as I can see that the post on "groups" is from Jan 2018 . Particularly, I am running version Build 972.1r, Feb 12, 2019 11:03:55 AM.

    The problem to me appears at least once a day, and restarting the Gateway is needed, or else there is no programmatic way to awake the "usfuture" data farm (the Gateway remains normally connected, only the data stops and a yellow line appears on the interface). And I have heard the same problem described here from many people.
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    This happened to me once but once is one too many.
    Gateway is responsive, you're just unable to connect to the data servers (state is yellow). Somehow the connection is lost after the reset and isn't re-initiated when everything is back up. It was a major headache to diagnose but since the markets I trade are closed at that time, it can be handled by a simple restart.
    The data server connections are lost, client side there's nothing to do about it. It's up to TWS/Gateway to re-establish.
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  3. That is strange, all market data indication lights come back green automatically each day. What exact version are you using and since when have you experienced this issue?

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  4. Did you try to install the newest version and see how it behaves?

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  5. Well, this version is quite recent, it was the one available when I downloaded it just a few weeks ago.
    This issue has been known for years (as one can gather from various threads on the web), I don't hope they have addressed it in the last week. Anyway, I can go and take a look if there is some more recent version (hoping that there aren't even new issues added, or anything conflicting with automation).

    [You mentioned that you are trading currencies. Note that we are talking about the so-called "usfuture" data farm.]
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  6. What? I just installed the version 976 (btw, there is no point calling any new version "latest": it only creates confusion: just indicate the release number or date, please), and from what I gather from the "settings" section they have added an automatic logoff and restart to the Gateway too?

    I can't believe this. It's better I leave this thread before I start cursing...
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    I've since updated, it was a recent version, second half of last year. Many versions seem to be affected.
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  8. I have never had this issue ever, so it may have been known ot some but definitely did not apply to all users universally. I have traded via IB gateway for many years and have never experienced the issue you are describing.

    Edit: I know re usFutFarm and checked, it turns yellow around lunch time (daily reset during Asian hours) and turns back green automatically after a few minutes.

    Contact the help desk via chat or call them with your particular issue and ask for problem resolution instead of posting on threads or boards that may not be monitored by IB staff at all or only sporadically.

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  9. What can you not believe? Could it be that you are a bit picky? The latest is by definition the "latest". If you take issue with that then perhaps you should not be in this business? There are way too many other issues of much more relevance to be concerned about.

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    IB is aware of the issue, has been for some time. This has been discussed on the IB API group in detail.
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