IB Gateway US FUTURE market data farm remains OFF (yellow light) after reconnection

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  1. Well, that is right.
    It all boiled down to a question of numbers. Simply there were more clients at the time (many years ago) I started working on these solutions. Perfecting a bulletproof trading platform takes several years of hard work and large investments, and once one invests on a given technology, then switching must have very sound reasons (= good $ on the table) to do so.
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    OK, got it. The only useful advise I can give you is post on below board ... hopefully Josh from IB can give you a suggestion (he is great).

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  3. LOL. I posted here because I feel this forum to be more authoritative :)

    I am myself the owner of 2 trading groups (of which, one specific for IB) for a combined figure of 6,085 total members (and growing), but I am still posting here ... :)
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    Got it ... not looking for advise but for exposure :)
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  5. I am actually indirectly giving pieces of advice to IB, if they wish to keep the clients looking for automation. It should be about time to fix some issues.

    And yes, this forum is also my preferred place to expose ideas. Particularly, I like the neat layout and also the "directness" of many members.
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    Sounds like you have more experience with them than me, but my impression is that it's not their priority ... I am getting that - take it or leave it - feeling from them.
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    We don't disagree. I've made plenty of feature requests/bugfixes on IB features poll. IB API group is a better place to ask as Josh there works for IB. There has also been discussion on this very topic before many months ago.

    addendum: posted before seeing @qlai's post.
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    Not with the API. They just have a huge number of requests and not enough people to deal with it. They also seem to test most functions properly, it takes a lot of time. If something reasonable is desperately wanted, they'll have it usually in 1-3 years time.
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  9. Yes, I have seen it. And also seen that nothing has been done about it:

    that is also why was appropriate to make a reminder. here

    They are making a display about the knowledge of error messages and ib controller, without addressing the actual point.
    It's not about nightly reset, not about making new reqMktData or whatever.

    Once the Gateway turns OFF the usfuture data farm (probably due to some momentary Internet issue), there is nothing we can do to resume it. Only fully restarting the Gateway and, therefore, having to login with the security device will do it. And this is, of course, unacceptable behavior for an acceptable automated trading solution.

    All they have to do is, on reconnection, (to stay silent with no prompts please and) to restart all the stuff they start when launching the Gateway. Reset all variables, restart all the threads. (There is probably some messaging thread that gets killed for some internal unhandled exception, or some variable needing a reset, and that needs to be fixed.)
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  10. Not for me and I precisely use the gateway for my algorithmic trading because I start it Monday mornings (Asian time zone) and turn it off Friday nights, no manual intervention all week. What version are you using that you experience a shutdown of the gateway or unresponsiveness?

    I don't get the issues everyone else here is talking about. I get a request on my mobile once to authorize login to the gateway when I start up the gateway and login. I then trade currencies via gateway all week long without any logout or other weird issues that were described here. I handle the daily server reset in my client code and unsubscribe and re-subscribe market data after the daily reset but zero manual intervention is required nor a restart of the gateway, neither automated nor manual.

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