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  1. rupp_scd


    Hi all,

    I'am now working on a project involving using the IB gateway as a server . I just don't believe the way this gateway must be ran and authenticated :

    -1) only via a graphical user interface
    -2) if the graphical user interface is closed then the gateway is terminated , e.g it can not go in background / daemon mode after the authentication .

    That implies :

    a) having a desktop environment on the trading server ( I mean the one where is being done the automated trading )

    b) always keeping a session opened and always keeping the graphical user interface opened

    c) manually re-authenticate when the server reboots ( that is something very likely to happen on many dedicated servers ) , e.g re-opening a session , re-launching the app , re-authenticating the app , etc...

    Apparently there is no way to do something else . I am considering writing an xvfb script run as a daemon and bypass most of these steps ( I mean NOT do a remote logging ) . Do some people here have already tried to use the gateway in such a way ?
  2. byteme


    ...well it's true, so you better believe it.

    The gateway is a big improvement over the prior situation when you had to have TWS open and running. All manner of crazy workarounds have been employed to deal with the shortcomings e.g. auto-typing/clicking software for the daily reset etc.

    I suggest you have a look at the TWSAPI group on Yahoo! All of your questions have been answered at least 43 times before.
  3. silexx


    IB offers VPN and extranet connectivity for which you would not have to have the gateway client running.
  4. rupp_scd


    That does not seems crazy to me ,what seems crazy is how this gateway is running.I do not really see the improvement since you still must have a graphical application open and running.

    That was not really a question but to discuss about ways to deal with this situation so I guess no matter how many people have already thought about how to workaround the login ( apparently "at least 43" ) , there are always potentially new ideas and solutions and that can also be of interest to this discussion group . But anyway , I'll look at the yahoo group.

    my present idea is to write a script in java that will interact with the swing frames to make "automatic" login and to use the virtual frame buffer Xvfb to have a "silent" graphical display.
  5. rupp_scd


    yes I saw it in the doc but one of the requirement is to use the internet access.