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  1. What are the liquid futures contracts that can be traded through IB?

    I know ZN, YM, NQ, ES, EUR, CAD, QM

    Anyothers you guys know about... Thanks in advance.
  2. DAX and Bund on Eurex, Nikkei 225 on SGX, Eurodollars on CME

    I've never traded any LIFFE products, but there a couple of big movers on there as well.
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    Vol Guy

    My first post!!

    Does IB allow trading in the e-mini Russell 2000 future? (What's the symbol?)
  4. ER2
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    ZB and JPY are fairly liquid as well.
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    I will add
    ESTX50 @ DTB
    I, L, Z, R @ LIFFE
    N225 @ OSE.JPN
    CAC40 @ MONEP
    COIL @ IPE
    HSI @ HKFE
    AEXL @ FTA
    All these futures are very liquid.
  7. As an US resident, is it legal to trade futures contracts listed on foreign exchanges? If so, how is tax calculated?

    - Clearpicks
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    Here is a pretty good list of most of the US futures contracts.

    IB trades all the E-minis ... and most of the electronic ones (E).

    The volumes/open interest are posted and by clicking on a contract you will see all the front months/volume.

    hope this helps
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    I am not sure about tax (ask your tax advisor, blah, blah...) but it is legal to trade foreign futures. You can do it with IB.
  10. @IB
    Speaking of available markets to trade...how are things going with the Kospi future and the options ? When will you be offering them ? I'd become a customer instantly :)
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