IB futures symbols in Quotetracker

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by easyrider, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Im playing around with quotetracker to see if it will make a good backup. I can get the globex symbols ok but when I put the spaces in as they say to do with the ACE symbols it comes up on the quote screen as three different symbols. Thot id try here first.
  2. Try this:

    "ACE:mad:YM SEP 03"

    That is three spaces after YM and one space after SEP. (Don't copy the quotes)

    TM Trader
  3. TMTrader - the problem that easyrider is having is that he is entering the symbol correctly, but QT is handling the spaces as symbol separators. This will happen on the WatchList, or if you right click on the portfolio and select Add Stocks. To enter such symbols in those locations, put single quotes around each symbol:

    'ACE:mad:YM SEP 03'

    Including the quotes. Make sure there are 3 spaces between YM and SEP

    Jerry Medved