IB futures commission discrepancy

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by pirate, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Am on unbundled commissions for futures with IB. Bundled, IB charges $2.13 per YM contract. Unbundled, the website says that the first 300 contracts of YM in a month are priced at $2.12 and the next 700 at $1.92.

    However, I am being charged at $2.13 and $1.93 instead. I appreciate that the difference is tiny - this is not keeping me awake at night. Nevertheless, I'd like to see the situation corrected.

    Am asking on ET because IB are not responding to a ticket I created almost 2 months ago. I've also emailed several times since but still no response.

    I'd appreciate if disgruntled ex-IB customers did not use the above information to take this thread off on a tangent. My intention is not to bitch (customer service aside, I'm a big fan of IB).

    Anyone else on unbundled being charged at the above-mentioned rates?

    If an IB rep is reading, I'd especially like to hear from him.
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    Thanks for that.