IB Future's COMMISH Structure, Naked & Revealed!

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  1. In my opinion the commissions and the cost of doing Trades, as is the cost of doing business, is extremely important. If it at the end of the year say has caused your cost to have risen or your profits reduced by 15% or more, it would mean your very net profits have been reduced by 15% or more, as in if you break even with one broker in one year whereby another broker would have ended you up in the green by 15% NET.

    IB does not make their comm structure readily all obvious and in a different thread it took a few of us shooting different understanding of these comms led me to posting the the below table that shows the comms fully revealed for easy and fast understanding and utilization.

    The table is 100% correct, although if any errors noted, I'll immediately post a corrected version.
    CUM. = Cumulative, Tot. = Total
    RT = Round Turns/Trip
    All other none comm costs are calculated at $2.30
    Important, IB has a free API and Free Data.
  2. The column labeled "IB AVG. COM Side" should be "IB AVG. COM RT" or divide the stated numbers by 2 to get per side.
  3. jeb,
    I don't think so, it looks OK to me. That is side/all in mind you which, happens to coincide with Cost RT as shown.

  4. I better spreadsheet would break apart CBOT/CME fees from IB fees and then sum them up so one can see how each fee changes at higher volume tiers.
  5. Cost Side and Cost RT columns show the pure comm. ex any fees.
    The next 2 columns to their right show the All IN costs for side and RT.
    Is that what you're referring to?

  6. Arrrrggg, look at the column "IB AVG. COM Side" and see that the first row number is $2.40. $2.40 is a RT number not a per side number. To be correct you have to change the column label or divide the numbers by 2.

    2 columns to the left on the first row you correctly have the number $2.40 labelled as "Cost RT".
  7. galiano


    Not correct jeb:

    For ES futures bundled it is 2.40 PER SIDE. No error. Look at bundled vs unbundled page http://individuals.interactivebrokers.com/en/p.php?f=futuresComparison&ib_entity=llc Select CME for ES prices.
  8. It is per side ALL IN, which happens to coincide with RT but EX FEES.
    Therefore one is Side but ALL IN and the other is RT but excluding fees.

  9. Double Arrrrggg! For the first 300 sides, IB commission is $1.20, CME fee for ES is $1.14 and NFA fee is $0.01. The total all in unbundled commission is $2.35 a side not $2.40.

    The rest of your table makes perfect sense, but that one column does not.
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