IB front ends for daytrading manually

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Szeven, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. I did do a search but there are some crap suggestions out there.

    With Sterling jacking rates I am considering doing more trading in IB, but I want a front end that looks 'normal' to me. Left right level 2's instead of up/down. I can put in an esignal TAS into a layout so im not overly concerned with the quotes being a bit slow.

  2. It would seem if you connected via FIX you could have whatever you wanted. You'd have to spend a lot in commissions monthly to justify the minimums though.
  3. I havent been doing that much volume lately. Probably only 1 mill a month. I also do not have much in the way of programming skills. This is why I actually considered more trading at IB in the first place. As a prop trader on split, I dont need .0002 and split a %age vs paying .002-.005 and going retail. The main problem is clicking a mouse is too slow for me.
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    Try Questrade. L2 setup is identical to Sterling. I have moved 70% of my trading to swing and overnight and now do 30% daytrading in stering.