ib freezing up

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  1. ib is freezing up on my computer for the past 10 minutes
    quetracker failed
    all other programs working
  2. moarla


    no problem here
  3. TWS will freeze like that if you open another TWS window such as a price chart, bulletin notice, etc.

    It seems to come back after a while but it's very frustrating when it happens.

    During these frozen periods, QuoteTracker can't talk to TWS and it will complain about not being able to log in.
  4. what do I do about this, do I need more ram or higher connectivity speed?
  5. No problem here. How much Ram do you have, and what operating system?

  6. I have a pretty manly computer, so throwing hardware at it probably won't matter.

    I just avoid closing TWS windows once I open them unless I'm at a good break point.

    I leave the main TWS window and the OptionTrader window open all the time. For charting I use QuoteTracker rather than the TWS charts.

    Sorry, no magic solutions.
  7. No problems with either IB or QT today. Smooth as my white girlfriend's ass.
  8. Surdo


    I always use the best moisturizer when I am done with her papi!
  9. using only a laptop with 2 gigs of ram with vista
  10. My guess is that your ram is the problem. I hear you need 2gigs for vista alone. I hear that you need 3-4 Gigs. Maybe some of the experts will chime in.

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