IB: free Nasdaq Level II?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by alosito, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. alosito


    Does anybody know if Interactive Brokers gives heavy traders a free access to Nasdaq Level II? How much do you need to pay in trading fees per month in order to get Nasdaq Level II for free with IB?
  2. hajimow


    It is not free. It will cost $20 per month and it will not be waived based on trade volume.
  3. alosito


    I am not subscribed for Level II with IB, but when I get the quote feed from them with Medved QuoteTrader, I can see Level II data in Medved QuoteTrader. Does it mean I still get the same Level II data without paying $20?
  4. hajimow


  5. Bob111


    go to mb trading. they give you L2 for free for accounts >25K. comm about same
  6. alanm


    I doubt you are seeing L2. You are probably seeing the top-of-book for each of the routes, put together to look like an L2 montage. Are you actually seeing the various MMs (not just ECNs)?
  7. hajimow


    You are right. He should be seeing just the top bid and asks and not the name of MMs. I was using it a while ago. Not a real level 2