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    While we all know it is hard or impossible to keep all users happy and all the features desired....it would be great if IB in its forex page/platform in the TWS had:

    1- high/lo and last price colums filled

    2- A way to see your portfolio breakdown of positions open with entry price, average price for the whole position

    this last issue is what I beleive most if not ALL fx platforms provide. This is as opposed to going to the statement and having to look this info up.....it truly makes no sense.

    One other point that maybe I have not looked into adjusting/fixing is why is there a mark to market revalue every 3 or 4 minutes when one opens the Account window....shouldn't it be live (all time).

    Any thoughts/suggesttions....happy trading.
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    All good suggestions.

    IB stated in a recent article of Futures magazine that they are committed to offering their clients access to CME/Reuters FX marketspace. When that happens, I'm sure they'll report H/L/C which will come from the para-exchange itself. And since currencies will then have a symbol similiar to how CME futures have a symbol, a portfolio breakdown in the universal account would be natural as currency trading will be an asset class.

    As far as the Account window, it is live. At least account total column is.
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    ***As far as the Account window, it is live. At least account total column is. [/B][/QUOTE]***

    Unless I am missing something, when I look at balances etc the columns do not update as the market moves.....

    and on the top right hand corner it says "Balance (in base currence) at xx:xx.....and updates or changes ONLY every 3 or 4 minutes....

    As for the CME/Reuters H/L/Last....fine but why can't they do it now....even if the prices are provided by te banks....use one banks feed they maybe off by one tick....or use an average or another feed...such as Reuters or BBG.
  4. Hoi


    You might take a look into the various IB-API-programs:

    Some of them already offer all the above (and much more), for sure... ButtonTrader has implemented all your points.
  5. Hoi


    That is a correct observation...the Account-window is only refreshed once per 3 minutes (unless you take a new trade..an execution will refresh it as well).
  6. $$$lover


    Why can't it update balances and averages and everything else live/real time...if the bucketshops have this why won't IB......

    Also once you close positions why are there tiny balances left in the other currency....why not liquidate and adjust everything to the base currency instead of having to trigger another trade and more commissions...........

    IB these are basic things the bucketshops have...why won't you....PLLLZZZZ

    This is certainly one reason I have not increased my funds and amount of trading at IB.
  7. $$$lover


    I just got an e-mail from IB stating that they had liquidated part of my position in fx....the rate is innacurate as they round it to two decimals.....IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENS......how about fixing it guys(IB)
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    I believe you because whenever they liquidate a forex position of mine for lack of margin, the email from IB always states something like GBP liquidated at 1.92, instead of what it should be, such as 1.9244. Wish they'd fix this.
  9. Seems like there will always be many splinter/specific IB IDEAL Pro Forex Threads so:

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