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    Did somebody experience issues will forex fills with IB on TWS? For instance my last orders (today and yesterday) were partially filled. And this was in most liquid market, at NY open time with eur/usd. I cannot believe in low volume, that what I was told. It never happened to me in 2009. BTW it was just 40,000 units which were processed on idealpro. Anyone had same issue? Maybe new TWS upgrade screw my settings which do some restrictions, but I could not find any by myself.
  2. No problem for me. Did the price trade through your limit order? The only time I get partial fills is when my limit order is hit by another IB customer.
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    Yes, it was a limit order. But I thought probability is very low to have such events happen two times in row and with relatively small number of units (<100000). Thanks for letting me know.