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  1. Anyone know when IB will start offering cross currency forex futures from Globex? Like Ad/Cd? It annoys me that i can go to the globex website and see its trading and not have access to it.

    Also does anyone know why IB doesn't / will start offering exotic forex feeds like NZD or MXN? Id be surprised if their current liquidity providers dont already give quotes for those.

    They seem to purposely limit themselves in this manner to make themselves less of a powerful forex provider than oanda etc.
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    There is ZERO volume on these Fx Cross Futures on Globex.
  3. their website is listing changes.. that means someone is trading them right? do you have access to these products on globex? are the bid / ask size currently zero? sometimes zero? always zero? or just low liquidity.
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    I can see them on TradeStation, the volume is anemic, which one(s) do you want me to look at?

    I think there might be some liquidity on NYBOT Fx Cross Futures, not sure.

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    also not liquid.
  5. euro / sterling should be fairly liquid? thanks
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    Volume = 97

    .68485 - .68515

    You are better off Going LONG EC and SHORT BP to be synthetically LONG EC/BP if you can not trade SpotFx.

    Tight spread and liquid,

    good trading!

    el surdo
  7. The original post to me implies an interest in forex, not futures. The futures don't seem to do volume on the crosses, forex doesn't have that problem. IB are limited by the currencies they support in the universal account. NZD will not be available with them unless they offer NZD as a currency type available for peoples accounts.

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    We will be offering more currencies shortly, including MXN and NZD. Neither will be offered as a funding currencey. I don't have an ETA but it's on its way.