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  1. Hi anyone knows why IB does not provide trade chart? Their chart is either ask or bid. Their staffs said they don't provide trade detail for forex. Is this standard with most forex brokers? Any brokers provide trade chart?
  2. IB has an ECN Forex trading model and they have no way of knowing all the trades that their market makers make.

    Chart currency futures if you want to actual trades.

    Why doesn't a chart of cash Forex market bid or ask meet your needs?
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    you can use midpoint too, I do this with quotetracker, works perfectly.
  4. There are catories of forex broker ecns, market makers, interbank. Is that only market makers forex brokers has trade price chart? interbankfx uses bid price :

    "Show Ask line — show/hide Ask price level of the latest quote. Bars are drawn and shown only on Bid prices (Platform userguide)"

    Trying to locate other brokers which uses trade price rather than just ask or bid price. Anyone has recommendation do leave here... tks