IB force to close my accounts.

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    I am satisfied with IB but IB forces me to close my account due to my mistakes recently by the compliance department. Does it mean that I am put in a bad list and banned from IB forever? I have talked to their customer service but no one can help. Is ther any persons from IB can help me on this issue? My trades rely heavily on IB account.

    I am very frustrated in losing my account. Please help.
  2. Last I checked, there were dozens of other brokers eager for new business.

  3. Yes.
  4. what were the mistakes.

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    what did you do wrong?
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    I have found some trades are not carried out by me and raised an alarm to ib that someone has hacked into my accounts. At last, I find out that It is indeed used by my gf while I am out for business trip.

    I report to ib and ask them to reopen my account. They then force me to close the account.

    I am new to ib and dont familiar with their policy. I plan to transfer most of my asset to ib gradually.

    Now I can talk to no one. Anyone can help?
  7. How in the world did your girlfriend get the login info to your account? No wonder IB doesn't want you anymore.

    You can't even keep others near you from accessing your acct. This is a matter of "LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY".

    IB doesn't need nor want the headaches from this type of customer irresponsibilty. Hope you,ve learned your lesson by the time you open an acct with another broker. Keep your acct login info hidden from others, no matter how much you trust them ( including family and friends!)
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    If you were foolish enough to give your girlfriend your access codes to your IB account, you should thank IB for closing it instead of complaining about them.
  9. You violated the customer agreement. As far as I remember, you agree to keep your login data secret and NOT give it to any other person, your girlfriend included, by signing the agreement.

    I understand IB here. From their point of view, you are an 'accient waiting to happen', likely causing hassles on their side in the future.

    If you cannot reach an agreement with them by contacting customer service, simply open an account at another broker.
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    who are these morons that post, want sympathy, and look even more foolish when the truth comes out?

    how old are you, ten?

    take your 2,000 somewhere else.

    and, let me guess, only your losing trades were done by your gf.

    ET must start pre-qualifying posts. haha.

    then there would be no threads.

    note: IB closed my account because my pet monkey did trades and i have a written note from him saying he is sorry.

    good luck at taco bell.
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