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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by TraderD, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. TraderD


    I decided to try IB and open an account there:
    - people on the phone were rude and unprofessional (though knowledgeble);
    - the new account setup site is just a joke - it is up&down all the time.... i can't even finish the application proccess;

    - slappy customer service [fine:(];
    - the fact that new account site is up&down for 2 days makes me question their a) IT department b)commitment to quality

    What is the uptime statistics for IB system? I hope it is better than their site for new accounts.
  2. The site seemed to be up when I just checked. What exactly happened? Perhaps you already got your username emailed to you and were unable to log in.

    IB often disallows logins over the weekend when GLOBEX is not trading, for maintenance purposes I guess.

    Possibly this policy also includes the accounts of people in the middle of the sign up process.
  3. Bob111


    heh.......what you expect from DEEP DISCOUNT BROKER?
    i been all over the place, believe me, they not better or worse than any other. open account is a actually very easy task, i did in munutes under my wife name couple days ago.
    CS-is a worst, i agree on that. there is couple major things:
    1. they don't know anything, if you ask something specific.
    2. there is always black guys in CS, who ether angry, like i was wake him up or there is black guy always eat and trying talk to you or all sum of all those fears)))))) (angry black guy, who don't know anything and eat at same time)))))))))))
  4. TraderD


    I am in "no man's land" - filling out the forms/customerAgreement after getting my ID and Password.
  5. TraderD:

    let me just guess.... of course you are a heavy dealer,
    you do at least 500 contracts / day and $20k in commissions
    for stock & option a month, yeah, i think i remember someone
    said something equal some time ago... of course...

    i am just wondering what firm is so annoyed by IB they send
    out their employees to write into boards like this one
  6. You may have to be authorized to trade and have your account funded before you can login to TWS. I'm not sure how they handle that any more.
  7. TraderD


    I hope you are better at trading then mindreading:)

    The new account application site started woking few minutes after my post to ET. Go figure... Coincidence?

    Thanks everyone.
  8. VictorS


    gee, I, too got angry reading this bad languaged post. by the time I finished reading it was lunchtime and I was eating. hehehe

    I have to ask: what the heck is "all sum of all those fears?":confused:

    occasional correct grammar helps when contacting customer service department.
  9. ddefina


    At least you don't have to fill all those forms out by hand.

  10. Well, you learn something new everyday. I didn't know Interactive Brokers was staffed by angry black guys.:D


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