IB fills wrong?

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  1. It might just be me being a new customer of theirs, still getting a feel for the whole thing (I'm using QuoteTracker API to connect), maybe that has something to do with my fills but anyway....

    I keep placing limit orders through QT and they keep getting filled 1 or 2 cents higher than the limit, using SMART order routing. Anyway to avoid this?

    I.E. Today:
    Buy WMT Limit 50.41 Smart

    But IB filled me at 50.43, it's kind of annoying when you know your in a stock then you check and figure out you got filled at something else, screws me up and my calculations.

    Anyone have these problems or know how to potentially fix it?
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  3. Are you sure you're looking at the fill or the average price? IB will add commisions into your average price value making easier to track your net P&L.
  4. I always get crappy fills with IB. And I have noticed that my execution price changes on occassion... Always to the upside.
  5. Go to TWS and check your audit trail to make certain that you are using limit orders and the fill prices. Maybe QT is not using the IB API properly for limit orders.

    I have never been filled worse than the limit on a limit order.
  6. If you get crappy fills with IB then it is time to switch to another broker.

    Higher prices are better fills for short and sell orders.
  7. I've never had a bad fill with Ib in over 5 yrs with them but I don't use api.
  8. Let me guess... 50 shares of WMT?

    If you put in LMT order for a specific price then that is the price you get.

    To see otherwise look at the trades window. There you will see the price without commissions included.
  9. Enough of this crap. Complete bullshit. You will NEVER get a LIMIT order fill at IB, using TWS, that is worse than your limit. In years and years of using IB and more than 30,000 stock, option and futures trades this has NEVER happened to me.

    What happened? I don't know. Was it QT? Did you SELL instead of BUY? Was it really a LIMIT order? Please check these things out before spewing this garbage. Thank you.
  10. Whew. You should be paid for your emblazoned and passionate promotion of IB.

    I got it all figured out everyone, it was a QT related issue. IB still filled me alright on my limit, it's a good company so far.

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