IB fills orders REALLY slow today (papertrading though)

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by tradebanzai, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all!

    I can't get what's going on today. It takes HUGE amount of time for IB to fill my orders (up to a minute maybe). I've tried to sell AMD 300 several times (cause while the order was hanging, the price have gone away).
    What's the problem? I'm papertrading at the moment, but if such things happen with real money it will cost really a lot to me.
    Any idea?
  2. gaj


    i've had *zero* problems today. all my executions (naz equities only) have been instant with no hangups.
  3. gaj


    if AMD, and papertrading, maybe it was waiting for an uptick?

    i do NOT know offhand if it's on the SHO list where upticks are waived. check that on nyse.com before thinking that might be the reason.
  4. There was enough upticks. I've send my order several times (and volumes were about 2 mln every 2 min). I've had the same problem with SAP (I've tried to buy it). It's strange cause usually I have no problems with execution.
  5. na3im



    The IB papertrading platform is really bad. When I tried it, I had many problems as the ones you had.

    The point is, this will not happen to you in real trading.
    I just stoped papertrading with it.

    Hope this helps.
  6. same here ... although this isn't a paper trading account.
  7. john99


    Your right, I tried doing a market order on the simulator on IWM and it sat there for 10sec. The paper trading exchange brokers must all be at lunch. :D
    Or maybe there helping eCBOT fix there system issues.....
  8. nassau


    around 1030ish today we had several interuptions. we know it was not internet as it was available and one of our traders was on his wireless.
    we lost connections and data several times over a period of 10-15min
    when ib logged back on tws showed no data after we shut down and rebooted again tws as back working okay.
    we have also noticed tws has ended up holding cancelled orders in pending but the order was not shown on Untitled pg.