IB fees for e-minis?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by bourbon, May 17, 2005.

  1. bourbon


    Good morning all :D

    I obviously visited IB's website and looked at all the fees, but didn't quite understand everything.

    Let's say I want tp purchase (1) e-mini contract of (1) "NQ" trading at 1477.

    What will be my total costs for that transaction under a non-professional individual account?

    I don't ask IB because they prefer experienced traders, and will frown upon me :(

    If I do buy an e-mini, I plan on liquidating it on the same day, what fees will I inccur then?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Truff


    If you feel they don't appreciate your business then why give them the business. there are other firms with rates just as good if not better.
  3. bourbon


    Because they don't need me, but I need them, so I "bow" before them, and sometimes even "tremble".

    Do you know of any other places that treat canadians well? Most other places won't even let you write Canada in the country field.... I won't bother hoping them sending me my required annual forms....
  4. It is 1.65 for each side of the trade =$3.30 per contract fo ES and NQ.
  5. Truff


    which part of Canada?
  6. bourbon


    Quebec, Montreal (home of IB)
  7. bourbon


    thank you so much, so that is how much in fees it will cost me, now, how much would the NQ at 1477 cost me?

    1477$ + 1.65$ to buy 1 share ?
  8. ids


    IB is not that scary after all :p You will pay commissions plus you need to have enough money to cover maintenance margin which is currently $3000. I would definitely recommend you to play with demo account for some time and to read more about futures before a real trading.
  9. since when i ib $3.30 rountrip for the es? i traded today and as far as i can see its $4.80 rountrip
  10. bourbon


    their website says otherwise, but I'v read numberous (and recent) accounts on eltiretrader where they say it is $4.80

    so don't be alarmed, but if you trade a lot, perhaps you can negotiate your price
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