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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by wuvetwo, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. wuvetwo


    Quick question: I use IB but use my own feed (E-signal). I most likely will not use $30 in comms every month, do I still get charged $10 for the data, even though I have unchecked all data feeds (since I use E-signal)?

  2. Yes. They supply it (quotes in real time) even if you don't chart it.
  3. wuvetwo


    yah, but if I uncheck the data (Nasdaq I, etc) in the Acct Management section, do I still get charged $10 a month?
  4. Bob111



    IB caters to professional traders and investors and requires its customers to spend a monthly activity fee minimum which may include commissions, market data fees, special connection minimums and other fees. Those customers spending less than the activity fee minimums (as stated below) in any given month will be charged the difference between the minimum and the amount spent in a month.

    In addition to monthly fee minimums we pass through market data fees from the exchanges for any real-time market data service in which a customer subscribes. Customers choosing to subscribe to US non-professional real-time market data will have the USD 10 (or USD equivalent) monthly fee waived if they spend USD 30 (or USD equivalent) or more in activity fees for the month.
    Customer Type Activity Fee Minimum
    All customers not listed below USD 10
    Age 25 or under USD 3
    Customer with equity balances < USD 2,000
    (or USD equivalent) USD 20

  5. Daal


    no you wont be charged. this guy is wrong. I generally keep unchecked and only check when I plan to trade that month.