IB features poll: request to retain legacy account statements ad infinitum

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by pcvix, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. pcvix


    I've submitted a feature request to retain legacy account statements as an option for all customers ad infinitum, beyond the currently scheduled cut-off date of September 17, 2007. If you like this idea, please vote in favor (and ask your buddies to do likewise). Given the September 17 cut-off date, we've to hurry up!


    ID #3000
    Title: Retain legacy account statements
    Submitted by: speedy

    The poll can be promptly located by searching for the contributor "speedy".

    If the response is favorable with, say, at least 10 positive votes before the end of this week, I'll also contact IB's representatives on ET about this feature request.

  2. rwk


    How did you create the poll? The login dialog takes me in an endless loop.
  3. Catoosa


    I am having the same problem. I went to account management and created a user name and password but can not login. I would guess my user name and password will not be activated until tomorrow.
  4. pcvix


    I couldn't create the features poll last week as there was apparently a bug with the web page's function. I contacted IB customer support and their technical people managed to fix the problem.

    As regards voting, please try disabling your browser's pop-up blocker. This is how I succeeded in voting for my own suggestion. :)
  5. Catoosa


    That did not work for me. Still an endless loop.
  6. pcvix



    Another web site bug? You may need to contact IB customer support about this. Provided the problem is described in detail to them, they're reasonably helpful.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, please make sure that browser cookies are enabled for both visited and third-party sites.

    Good luck!
  7. chud


    I have that endless loop trouble with Firefox. Had to use Internet Exploder.
  8. Catoosa


    Firefox worked for me this morning.
  9. rwk


    I have tried IE6 and Firefox v2 with one computer and IE7 with another. All produce the same endless loop. I have previously added suggestions and voted, so I know my login is good. I opened a support ticket on this, then decided to call tech support. They said it could be a software bug, and if more people call about it, they may escalate.

    BTW, somebody pointed out on another thread that IB now offers Flex statements that allow us to generate customized statements. There are two formats, text and XML. I plan to check this out. It's a chore to figure out how to do it, but at least the format won't keep changing.

  10. I never had a problem voting thru Firefox in the features poll, until yesterday. All of a sudden, I can't login. I get the endless loop, too.
    #10     Aug 28, 2007