IB Family and Friend Account - Post Trade Allocation

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by pipal, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I trade futures and some friends of mine want me to trade for them as well. I've checked with IB it seems that F&F account may work that way. I want to do it for free for my friends but at the same time don't want to affect my own P&L.

    I want in every trade to have the first 3 contracts allocated to my account and the 4th and after be allocated to my friends' accounts if any, as I may not be able to have all contracts (say 5 contracts) filled in every trade, and they may be filled in different price levels (entry/close).

    So I wonder IB would allow me to allocate each single contract to go to which sub-account after trade. Say I completed 50 contracts in 13 trades in a day, and then I can manually allocate after trade, #1-3 to my account, #4 to B account, #5-7 to my account, #8 to B account, #9 to C account, #10-15 to my acount, #16 to B account... etc.

    Anyone knows or have other better ideas? Many thanks.
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    I just chatted with IB CS who said post allocation for F&F Account is not allowed. Pre trade allocation to sub-account is required. So I just leave it at the moment.