IB failure to execute opening orders

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  1. Has anyone experienced opeing only orders being cancelled instead of executed?

    This morning I was in to short 33,000 EZM at 3 and 3.10 and instead of a fill I received a cancellation 2 minutes after the opening. The stock opened at 3.25.

    How long does it take IB to deal with a problem that should result in a call to DOT sevices at the AMEX?
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    AMEX was having problems this morning. Popped up in the TWS bulletins. AMEX has problems on the regular. Same with BOX.
  3. I am aware amex had problems, but the orders were placed after the problems ended and some of the stocks had opened. The orders received an "acknowledged" message but IB's own trade issues person doen't know if this is an IB or exchange message.Further I received executions on other trading systems.

    It has been 1 hour 10 minutes since the inquiry was launched which is more than enough time to get a response from AMEX.
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    my understanding is that the opening on the amex was 3.7m shares at 3.25.
    the next tick was 83 k shares @3.18.
    maybe those blocks were crosses with no or little public participation.

    remember the amex always protects its own.
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    at what price and on what exchange and was it before the amex opening?
  6. IB is saying that although I sent the order in time, for one reason or another it was not acknowledged by the exchange unitl after the open. I sent orders on other systems at later times and still got the opening print. Oh, well, it's only $8,250.

    There's something missing here. I have asked for a floor official's ruling as IB doens't seem to know who makes decisions at AMEX. They seem to think it's the AMEX "help desk" (not DOT services) or a floor official. What bothers me most is the rep told me he'd been doing this a long time. We'll so have I and his answers are
    a non-sequiter.
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    I rarely trade AMEX, so this may not be of value to you:

    On the NYSE you're NOT guaranteed a fill at the OPG. The specialist determines the size of the print. The earlier in the queue you are, the more likely you are for a fill.

    Secondly, I just don't like AMEX. To quote marty schwartz: it's the "B-team of finance". Just not worth it imo.
  8. Vikana, thanks but you are not correct. If you are in to short at 3 and the stock opens at 3.10 your are GUARANTEED a fill.

    I understand your reluctance to trade AMEx but there are rules and those rules MUST be followed.
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    thanks - yes I'm not too familiar with AMEX.

    It's interesting that Yahoo has the opening print at 2.93, fwiw. Ditto at MarketWatch. IB, for some reason, does not show any trades for the first hour.
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    I wonder what the short inventory was at that time. Does Amex have a Fill-or-kill with shorts on the open? Could that have been a factor?
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