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    exactly is an FA account, you trade clients money, you get clients to open accnts with IB, what?
  3. This is exactly that, you are an account trader for some people and trade their money for them. For the moment, IB FA will be exclusively for professional, but hope that this will be extended non-pro in near future. Also, hope to see an open API for that.
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    What is the advantage of being FA? Do we get commission or profit sharing for that? Just curious!
  5. Usually this is for profit, now the problem is that many brokers don't have this kind of products, you have to collect the client at each month, waste time, trading interface is not integrated for multiple account (a limitation for to trade efficiently). With this kind of setup, everything are automatic for the trader, just to think trading.
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    Here's the PR from IB on the FA accounts. It explains how they work.

    Financial Advisor Accounts

    IB offers Financial Advisors (FAs) the ability to open Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) to manage money for multiple clients. The advantages of the IB Financial Advisor Account are our low commissions and the IB Universal Account which allows an FA to trade stocks, options, futures, options on futures and foreign exchange for their clients all from a single SMA.

    Financial Advisors complete client brokerage applications electronically at the IB web site, print the applications, and send to the client for signature. Once the application is signed by the client, it is forwarded to IB by the FA, and IB will open the client account once we confirm that all documentation is complete. Funding for the account may then be directly forwarded to IB by wire or check by the client. The FA is responsible for determining the suitability of trading products and strategies for the client.

    Multiple client SMAs may be linked to a single FA account. Clients will not have access to the Trader Workstation to enter orders, only the FA will have trading permission. Inside the Trader Workstation, the Financial Advisor will be able to view multiple SMAs and enter trades at the FA level and have them allocated by absolute value or percentage to the individual SMAs.

    FAs may charge a wrap fee based on assets, a per trade basis, or a fixed amount. Monthly and daily statements are provided with the Financial Advisor’s name and address prominently displayed at the top.

    To open an FA account, an FA must be a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or NASD licensed broker within the United States. Financial Advisors must first complete the Financial Advisor Account application process, and then they have the ability to start the application process for client SMAs. The FA application is fully electronic and may be completed at the IB web site.
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    Will the multiple account in one TWS feature be allowed for us to manage our different Universal account without multiple TWS box ?

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    i've been on holiday the past three weeks and missed a few calls on the topic thus i don't know. i'm so swamped with back logged e-mails, paperwork, the volatile markets and lack of sleep (try travelling from the US with a 2 kids (1 & 3)) that i can't promise to follow up an learn about these accounts for a couple of days. on the web site (under new customers) try the FA link to send a mail.

    let me know if you find something before i do.

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    i must be really tired, i thought my initial post was a reply to a PM.

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