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  1. I had a long YM position with a protective stop order pending at CBOT (green status) before the outage. The stop order should have closed my position during the outage. Now IB is back on-line and I still have my long YM position. Does anyone have a similar situation?

  2. Interruption of Trading Services Due to Regional Power Failures

    As you may be aware, large parts of North America experienced widespread power failures. These power failures impacted many exchanges, including the NYSE, ISLAND, ARCA, NYMEX amongst others. IB was similarly affected.

    We are currently restoring operations and expect to recover full system integrity shortly. Customers should allow for possible delays in booking trades to their accounts. While we believe we have identified and allocated most executions occurring during the affected period, customers should be aware that some trade reporting may be delayed.

    Please check our website at http://www.interactivebrokers.com/html/tws/systemStatus.html for system updates.

    We apologize for any inconvenience

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  3. IB still doesn't know about the status of my position. I still see that my position is open. But it was shown as closed last night. I'm very nervous now!!!

    Serenity now!!!!
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    I had a sell stop in ZBU that should have been hit but was not since IB was down. Are a/c/e stop orders native or does IB hold them?

    I think I'm ok, but I'm not 100% sure.
  5. Stop orders are native in ACE.
  6. January 2, 2004 ACE will be replaced by e-cbot ("LIFFE Connect®").

    Watch out - no native stops no more !


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    ....... Systems Down ? Hang on a minute ... I thought IB was part of Timberhill ?

    Why were IB's Systems Down - or were they up but just not accepting transactions ?

    There are things called data centers with full redundency - different "tiers" - and things called disaster recovery plans which should allow your systems to function after at most, a small outtage, and for your customers to get feedback, statements etc although perhaps not being able to perform transactions.

    DEF, please comment on the ability of IB to function under disaster circumstances and comment as to the degree with which your systems performed during the outage.
  8. Yes IB's sytem was down during the outage. Their back up systems for some reason didn't kick in.
  9. My account still reflects the open position. I've been on the phone many times today with IB. I was told that they received execution report from ACE for my stop order and that trade will be posted to my account today. YM's trading +20 in my favor now, so this takes off the stress now. Although, I still feel uneasy about this whole thing.
  10. FX-Trader,

    Could you please give the full link where they explain the order types that will be available on e-cbot.


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