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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by vinigar, Jul 15, 2003.

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    Well I had a good one this morning with IB execution....tried to sell a stock....I received a message.....to the effect that "you can't short sell this stock".....I double checked what I did.....nope I was not trying to short sell it....I was indeed trying to sell it....I owned it.....my account showed that I owned it.....I tried repeatedly to sell it.....to no avail....kept getting a message telling me that I was trying to short sell it.....unbelievable!!!!!.....the stock started to drop.....desperation sets in.....I have another computer set up for emergencies....booted that up and tried to sell the stock....by now it had dropped even more.....I tried to sell it.....nope got the same message.....panic sets in.....about ready to pick up the phone and call and close everything....tried one more thing and that worked....I opened up rapid order entry and hand typed everything in....this time it sold....but I took a heavy hit.....I sent a letter to IB explaining the situation....I will post what ever I find out as to their response.....first time I have ever had deep dark trouble like this....I have lost all confidence in the execution package they have....I am afraid to buy anything for fear that I will not be able to sell it.
  2. That definitely sucks! :(

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  3. that is absolutely horrible...... i hope there is a good explanation for this>>>>>> i have visions of datek and the the year 2000 before i was an IB CUSTOMER.
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    Please accept my apologies....the problems I had with IB execution was my fault....My default setting for the amount of shares I had was incorrect....my apologies to IB and everyone...and boy do I feel like a dummy now.
  5. Phew....good thing it wasn't an IB issue. I was getting a bit nervous.

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    vinager, thanks for posting that the error was yours and not the software.

    i heard of a similar complaint in the past where someone tried to short sell a stock, couldn't, complained only to find out they were trying to sell on a european exchange.

    In the future, you should try an online chat or call the help desk for the quickest response. more importantly, if you have an open position and for some reason can get a trade executed on your home PC, call the trade desk. They should be able to execute the trade for you.
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    Yep...I screwed up not IB....whats more IB had a response to my email in a matter of hours....I wrote back and apologized upwards....sideward....downwards and all.....sorry .....their reply was even better...."Don't worry about it...thats what we are here for !" Bet ya I don't make that mistake again.