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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by trader1, Jun 4, 2001.

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    I just started with IB today and I have a question of how the software stores the execution reports. I have several computers running on 2 dsl lines and sometimes I place orders through one pc and sometimes another. My question is whether the execution report is stored only locally on the pc that was used to place the trade, and thus the export function will only show those trades made from that particular computer? Or are the trades stored in some central database at IB and accessed no matter what computer you use to log on with? Today I placed about 20 + trades on 1 pc and 2 trades on another. The strange part is when I look at the execution report on the pc where most of the trades were placed I see all but the 2 I placed on the other pc, but when I look at the execution report on the pc I placed the other 2 trades on, I see those 2 plus 8 of the 20 placed on the other pc. Now that makes absolutely no sense to me. How is that possible? Again I'm only working of 1 days of data here but it's gotten me very curious on how IB handles these things. I would appreciatte any info on this.

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    the actual trade information is stored on the IB servers. after logging out and back in I am told you should see all the trades. If not, make sure you're using the lastest version (if you logged in via the web site, you have the latest version. If you download to your desktop, it should currently be build 671b.) If this occurs again send could you send a note with details to the helpdesk to the attention of edmond. I'll forward your comments to him and he'll look into the matter further.

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    Ok thanks. All my computers have the newest installed version of TWS on them. I will see tommorrow whether I will be able to see all the trades made from different machines. Another thing I tried was load the browser version of TWS and in that case the execution pane was completely empty.

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    the standalone version does remember all the trades, even when you log out and in again. [actually even when you did not receive confirmation first, in case of internet breakdown on your side -it happens..]