IB execute stop way below market price

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by kanwanxi, Apr 28, 2006.

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    I bought 120 shares HELX @ $39.10 @ 09:44:08 04/28/06 through Supersoes (Actually I am using Smart Routing).
    And 2 minutes late I got stopped out and filled @ $38.94 @ 09:46:40 04/28/06 through Island. But I checked the T$S in IB that the market price for HELX is bid: 39:00, ask:39.08 @09:46:40. Shouldn't I got filled @$39:00 instead of $38.94? This kind of problems happed several times these days. I am really confused and depressed. Would you please give me some idea? Thank you so much.
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    It is not very practical to use market orders with thin Nasdaq stocks, and a stop becomes a market order when elected. Depending on how anxious you are to do the trade, you are almost always better off working the order yourself.
  4. those numbers are within the market at that time. your stop was too tight.