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    Hi all,

    the last 2 trading sessions I did not receive any execDetails() for the first orders of the day. Even TWS did not show the correct fills and positions. Restarting TWS fixed the problem. Anyone else experiencing these problems?

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    ps: I have already posted this issue in http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=159268, but I think this severe problem deserves its own thread!
  2. gkishot


    I am experiencing similar problem now and then but I suspect that API is not the culprit but TWS itself.
  3. When you say you did not receive any execDetails, does that mean that fills on open orders were not received and positiions were not updated?

    I had an overnight position with an open order to sell last night. The trade should have been filled, but IB did not show the fill. I resent the order and IB still did not show the fill on TWS. WTH! So I restarted TWS and both order were now showing and my position was now short instead of flat! So the fills were not reported back to me and the positions were not updated although the trades were executed.

    I am using build 893.5 March 25. I had to update the TWS last week because I had a message that IB was no longer going to support the version I had been using over the last year (which had worked perfectly fine). Is there a version of TWS that I can download that won't have this problem? This is a major bug/problem!
  4. DonKee


    I had some problems with my first trades of the day, the past two days, too (I needed to log out and log back in to display my fills).

    A live chat person, informed me that I needed to log off and back in each morning. If I leave TWS on through the night, this problem can occur.

    I will assume they are aware of the problem and are fixing it?
  5. tron_at


    Correct, filled orders did not update any positions - does not matter if the position has been open or flat.
    I have created a trouble-ticket concerning this issue. Let's see what's IB's response. Restarting TWS after the daily reset has not been necessary in the past, and I hope this will not change.
  6. IB told me, through the live chat, that there is a problem with the recent version of TWS and I should downgrade to an earlier version.
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    It is occurring for me on TWS 891.5. Which version did they same to go back to?
  8. nassau


    Funny their HK office and USA office last few days told me 892.b has issues so I need to upgrade to most current. Based upon what the rep said we on elitetrader who post issues can't be trusted. fkg idiots. I am starting to wonder if they have out sourced their depts.

    We have several builds and the above is the worst ever. We are having to reboot tws half a dozen times to verify the orders were taken as the trade record shows no activity and the order freezes on the screen.

    I could go on with all the other issues but it is senseless.
    frustrated as hell and just about at the end of the rope.
    for the record IB collects several thousand dollars a day from us.

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    Thanks Nassau - that's handy to know. FWIW I upgraded to 893.5 and it's been running ok for 12 hours, so it "appears" to be more stable, but only time will tell.
  10. 893.5 was the one I had trouble with. I have since downgraded to 892.9b. I had the trouble when I kept the TWS on overnight and a limit order was hit but not reported. It was reported after I rebooted. As others have mentioned it might be a problem with keeping TWS running overnight, although I have never had this problem before.
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