IB exchange fees & Comms.?

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  1. Sorry if this question has been previously answered but I need to know if IB under the Unbundled plan in addition to the usual charges mentioned for the eminis which comes to 2.30 I believe, if they additionally also charge for data feed or not?
    If NOT, then does that mean all of the major exchange feeds are supplied for free?

    doing a comm calculation and contrary to my previous belief, IB comms seem to be quite in line with the lowest of the other brokers when one hits 1k rt and lower than Transact when hitting 2k and matches GF at 5k!!!
    Considering the broad availability of products, I'm beginning to like it very much.
    That is if I understood the comms correctly based on the following table:
    < = 300 @ $0.9
    < = 1000 @ $0.7
    < = 10000 @ $0.45
    < = 20000 @ $0.35
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  3. ES unbundled starts at $2.35. Exchange and NFA fees total $1.15.

    Data feeds for most US markets are free if you pay $30 in commissions per month.

    You are leaving out the clearing fees in your table. Fixed table is

    < = 300 @ $1.20
    < = 1000 @ $1.00
    < = 10000 @ $0.65
    < = 20000 @ $0.45
  4. Thanks a mil, then, IB beats GF upto 1k rt's / month due GF's XT monthly of 650(I wish they would reduce that to say 400) but beyond 1k GF is lower by average .5 / rt.
  5. If you have a large account balance you need to take into account that IB is one of the rare futures brokers to pay interest on your cash balance over $10,000. Not so significant when rates are 2%, but quite significant whan rates are 5%.
  6. If you are going to pay for X_TRADER then you should consider Eagle Market Makers. Their ES commissions start at $0.40 per side plus exchange and NFA fees.
  7. I'll defianately take a look at Eagle, never knew about them.
    In fat I don't need Xt not even for that matter any platform at all, except just for a platform that could take my orders, change and cancellations that's all. For 5k rt / month willing to pay anything up to $1 clearing and data included and will open a good size account but, so far haven't found anything yet. GF is good but the XT fee turns me off :(
  8. If Eagle charges for the XT then it's a NO GO, GF charges .35 + XT! So far they have the best deal.