IB Excel API DDE keeps freezing

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Daal, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Are you using Google Chrome by any chance?
    We have noticed on several occasions that in certain instances, DDE will not work if Google Chrome is running. Somehow Chrome's inter-process communication interferes with DDE.
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    You are a genius. Its working now
  4. So much for those overpaid and pampered programmers at Google.
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  5. Funny about Chrome. I switched from Firefox to Chrome a year ago because FF was getting big, slow and bloated. Chrome was faster to load and snappier in general.

    Recently I noticed Chrome was getting slow and bloated and some things in Google Docs didn't work right under Chrome and work fine under FF. So I switched back to FF which had released version 8.0 in the meantime. FF is waaaaaaay faster that Chrome now.

    Maybe you're right about pampered programmers.
  6. More interesting: FF went from the 7.0.1 release to a whole new release (8.0) very quickly. It appears the release 8 development was concurrent with the 7 release....and that testing with it went well. Enough so that they just moved to that new release and likely a whole new code base.
    I must say it's been very fast and very stable.
    With the 7 release, my keyboard would slow down horribly...especially when I had 5 separate windows each with a dozen tabs open. Plug-in crashes were frequent as well.
    Indeed, I just confirmed that firefox.exe and plugincontainer.exe are now staying under 50% CPU utilization consistently. Previously, they would spike the CPU quite often.

    BTW: I hate the fact that I cannot do that in IE 8 - have both multiple windows AND multiple tabs.
  7. You are the freakin man! thank you thank you!
  8. Does anyone know if this is still a problem? Does Chrome still interfere with Excel?
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  10. Thank you, truetype, for your reply. I know, I'm old and I am not motivated to learn something new as long as what I have and know continue to work satisfactorily to fill my needs. You'll be there someday, you'll see.
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