IB EUR/USD spread 2-3 pip?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mobiTick, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. mobiTick


    From the last week the spread became 2/3 pip most of the time. (sometimes 1 pip)
    Adding the 5usd/rt it is not so competitive related to other provider (oanda etc)
    What is the reason behind the changes?
    (some liqudity provider out ?)
  2. KS96


    Same here. I complained yesterday in some
    other thread. STEVE????

    2-3pips + commissions is a theft!
  3. A theft is probably saying too much. But too wide a spread + commission, will make customers flee away!
  4. Holmes


    Some good arbing opportunities between the cash and the futures. A number of times quite out of whack.

    Perhaps a rookie trying to learn the game?

  5. Its a pain to trade with 3 pips!!!

    The European Session was the session with the best spread in the past weeks (1 pip). Now we have two and often three pips, making the market so fast ....

    I will stop trading with Idealpro for the moment ....
  6. KS96


    me too.
    I am doing 5-15 trades a day on 5min bars...it just costs me too much with this spread.
  7. KS96


    Can we please get an "official" reply from IB on this matter?

    My Oanda account is just open, and quoting 1pip
    spread on EUR/USD (no commissions).
    I need to know if the IDEALPRO's spread is
    gonna stay at 2-3pips, so I move my funds.