IB ES not working?

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    I know IB server go wacky at around 12AM ET. But tonight I had a stop loss order for ES that didn't execute and I can't close it out manually either. I see the open position and "unrealized P/L" number going up and down and it's driving me crazy! The screen is normal with the green light. What gives?
  2. Have you configured your TWS to enable orders after hours?

  3. This is likely your issue. Let us know.
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    No it's not the issue. I trade ES after hours all the time.

    Right now, ES has turn down and the short position show profit.
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    Like I said, I tried to manually close out the position and it didn't work. It keeps showing my short position and unrealized P/L. I tried to call and they are closed.
  6. Have you checked your position under your account details? I have had TWS show me in a position that is actually closed. But the account details always shows the correct information.
  7. Call HK office
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    Highlight the ES ticker line and open Book trader.

    If Booktrader shows the open position, then you can
    close it from there.
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    Wholy shit, that worked. I got out with a small profit instead lol.

    Have you guys seen this happen before? How can the stop order not work all of sudden? I thought the order goes to the globex and they should have executed it right? I'm relying on the stop order very much and if I can't trust it then I dont know what to do. Even the manual order didn't execute until now. It just sat there until I cancelled it even though the price was good. I guess I got lucky this time but this really freaks me out a little.
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    THanks for the timely tip. It was just in time to cover ES at 1112 before the ramp to 1115.

    So what is it about Booktrader that's different? IB seem to have a serious bug somewhere. I've been trading ES with IB TWS for about a year and I've never seen anything like this.
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