IB ER2 data spiky?

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  1. Gonz


    anyone here getting outrage of movement from ER2 using IB?

    i'm using latest version TWS 765.7 and API 9.0.
  2. My book trader is all messed up across all products & exchanges
  3. My booktrader is also messed up. It freezes a range of orders once the trades have moved past that range. Also, the bid/ask numbers look very high or low, like 600 or 2.
  4. I'm in Europe, and IB worked fine up until about 10-10.30 EST (traded the DAX). However I started losing CME level2, then everything on Globex and now cannot even log in... hm....
  5. I've said on another thread this dreadful stuff would happen. . .:(

    "Hmm. . .last time we had this problem on a weekend about three months ago IB TWS was a nightmare itself on the following Monday.

    Crossing my fingers here. . ."
  6. Gonz


    i think most traders wish is to have a robust TWS without constant upgrade which will interrupt our confidence in the application.

    i juz need the basic features... fullstop. :p
  7. What I notice also is that IB forces me to upgrade the TWS whenever the version I'm using becomes very robust.:mad:
  8. customer/tech support got me nowhere.
  9. secxces


    This might be just a unrelated fluke, but my Standard InterbankFX MT4 Account has been down for about 4 hours, but the IBFXMT4-Mini Account is working. Customer Service is "DUH DUH DUH" "WETARDED", go figure.

    - secXces
  10. My BTs on TWS
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