IB- Eq. options SMART default routing now to ISE instead of CBOE?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by arl, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Interactive Brokers SMART routing system used to route unfilled orders by default to CBOE for equity options. Now, they are sent to ISE, where it is much more difficult to get filled, anyone else notice this?
  2. My IBM options orders on the 24th got parked at CBOE.
  3. what time did you submit them? if it's afterhours, they go to ISE. otherwise mine go to cboe or phlx or box.
  4. =====================
    Dont trade optons that much, but enough to comment;
    it varies.

    Disagree that ISE is more difficult;
    with liquid options like QQQQ,SPY....., even splitting bid ask, usually fast. Of course sometimes no one wants to split b/a

    Any fill can be difficult when we put in what the market makers call'' an away order''.:cool:
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    CBOE has better liquidity. I only submit orders during the day, from my experience they always used to park them on CBOE, but now it is ISE. They only send to PHLX or BOX, when they show an offer at your bid price.
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    I sent you a PM.