IB - epic failure today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Tradism, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Tradism


    All charts, time and sales data fails to load for seemingly all markets (except forex).

    I reported it to IB staff and they confirmed the issue.

    IB's market data is not reliable from what I have seen so far.

    I checked the IB page too to see the current system status. The page epic fails too.

    Current System Status

    System status information currently not available.
  2. nteractive Brokers System Status
    Updated: 2010/04/13 20:33:40 EST Refreshed: 23:16 EST (Next Refresh: 60 seconds)

    System Availability
    Stat Message Created/Updated
    No problems
    No problems reported at this time. 2010/04/18
  3. Tradism


    It works fine now. The system status was unavailable for a few hours today.
  4. exaltedangel09

    exaltedangel09 Guest

    getting the same..
  5. Doesn't seem much like an "epic failure" to me...
  6. cstfx


    It would be if you were long 10 crude contracts.

  7. Tradism is an et member in the famous twat/shill mode.

    Almost every post is a whinge about ib with nothing of value contributed. epic ... lol ... should go sit on a volcano to get a decent sense of epic.
  8. Has anybody ever seen any useful info on that IB system status screen? Every time I've had connection issues (my internet ok but IB has issues), the status screen is always Fat, dumb, and happy.
  9. I think that the issues have to be genuinely "epic" to reach that screen. I recall some a few years back but small group issues probably don't get there.
  10. Tradism


    IB status screen is of not much use. Still it's the first place you could look at when you experience problems to see whether it's your problems or IB's.
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