IB/ Ensign backfill problem

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Jayford, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I need a little help with an IB data problem.

    I get the message "no backfill available for EUR/USD-(BID)", when trying to fill in some gaps in my data for the EUR/USD, as well as any other forex symbol.

    Question, is there another symbol for EUR/USD that would work? There are a whole slew of ways to quote this pair via IB, but I can't get any of them to backfill properly.


  2. Lucrum


    In the symbol setup it's EUR/USD- or EUR/USD-(BID) which is recommended. However I've noticed that when creating a chart you use EUR_USD-(BID) which seems to work pretty well although for some, AUD/USD for example, still not as well as the futures backfill.
  3. Thanks,

    Good to know that its not just me. I've found that pretty much all futrures backfill fine. Unfortunately, I need complete data before I'll trade something, so it looks like the IB feed isn't going to work for me.